Tips And Tricks

At Janie 13 we want you to get the most from using our products

  • Use a little, most of the time it's enough.
  • Sulfate Free Shampoo doesn't later like traditional shampoo.  Add your shampoo to your scalp then add more water to get it lathered up.
  • Combine French Argan Oil and Smoothe-E to create our soothing cocktail. It will be give you the smoothest blow out.
  • Rockin Curls defines your curl. First apply to the roots then the rest.  Always comb through for best results.  Add a little for that beach wave texture.

  • S-Reflector, so many ways to use this gem. Using this gives you protection from heat styling, and the sun.  Spray a fine mist 6 inches away then use your favorite styling tools.
  • Marula Oil Gel is another multi-functional product. It combines well with all of our products.  Never stiff or sticky, blow dry or air dry, it adds control and soft volume.
  • Aero-Tec Hair Spray can also be used to give you volume while blow drying. Give a spritz to the root of your section.  You will get additional volume and support without the stiffness.