About Us

Pegi Bonner

Janie 13 is a complete line of professional hair care products ready to make your hair healthy and beautiful! This professional product line has something for everyone. Whether you have fine, thick, color treated or natural hair, we have the right conditioning  product for you! Janie 13 products are full of beneficial oils, vitamins, and antioxidants. All of the multi-talented products feature paraben free shampoo, gluten free and sulfate free shampoo.

Janie 13 is named after founder Pegi Bonner's Mother, Janie, and how many years she was married at the time. Both of which are dear to her.

Pegi is currently a salon owner and has decades of experience working with many product lines throughout her career. As a salon professional, she felt like the better the products the better the hair. This came into play in a major way when starting this line of hair care products. She needed products that would maintain the integrity of the hair under the sometimes extreme services that she performed in the salon. 

Lots of time and love of great hair has brought forth a line of exceptional hair care products!