Yes, Your Hair Can Handle The Heat

Posted by Pegi Bonner on

Not long ago I noticed the ends of my hair were really bad, I can assure you I use great products!

I stepped up my conditioning regime to combat the dryness I was getting and added more heat protection, to no avail, nothing seemed to work!  I continued with my Kera Intense Masque 2 times weekly, my hair was softer and shinier, still my ends were fried.....then it happened! Just like turning a light switch blow dryer was the culprit! Okay, I'm a tight wad, my blower cost me 12.00 at the local store, it suited me fine, small, good power and easy to handle. After this realization, my friend was having the same problem, she too had stepped up her deep treatments and added heat protection. Once we replaced our cheap blower with another cheap blower our hair is in incredible shape. When I'm in the salon now and have a client that is not responding to deep conditioning I always ask about her heat styling appliances, on more than one occasion it has been an old and used up styling tool.One client told me hers was so old it smoked every time she used it!!! I  got online and did some research about the life span of blow dryers and it turns out that when used daily, like most of us do, they don't last long. Flatirons and curling irons as well. Let's face it,  it's something we take for granted, or don't think about. Is it time to replace yours?? I've added a couple of links to help you decide...


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