You don't use conditioner???

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Wow,  the first time I heard someone say" it makes my hair greasy" or " it makes my hair flat" I couldn't believe my ears!

Using a good hair conditioner is like the icing on the cake, providing you choose the right one for your hair. With this in mind, fine hair can actually gain volume and softness from a light or volumizing hair conditioner. Thicker fuller hair can get  a smoothing,  taming effect from a heavier hair conditioner.

The every day stress, blow drying, flat ironing and curling leave our hair dry and brittle, it can even cause our hair to break. Add in some coloring or perming and boom no conditioner can wreak havoc on our hair.

Hair conditioner ingredients are formulated to replace  the moisture and strength that our hair looses, skipping it  can make the hair unmanageable, frizzy and dull looking.

How you apply conditioner is pretty important as well. Fine hair should require less and apply half way down and on ends. Thicker heavier hair needs to be applied all over, roots to ends and always let it set while you finish your shower.

 I'm going to take this a step further and say that if you are like me, and color your hair often, curl or flat iron daily, you could benefit from a weekly hair treatment as well, it's like insurance for you, you will have more great hair days than not.



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  • This made me laugh. I was just saying to Pegi at my last cut that the only time I use conditioner was when I got my hair washed at The Crop Shop. Not anymore!!! Now that I’m using both the Volume Plus shampoo AND conditioner daily, my hair is so much happier and healthier. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both products…so mild and made such a difference.

    Dana F. on

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