The Perfect Blow Out

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Sometimes the thought can be a daunting one, trying to replicate the blow out that happens at the salon. Don't be intimidated, with the right products and technique,  you can do it!

Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Towel dry well before applying any product. If your hair is too wet you may not get the full benefit of your styling aid. 

Start your blow dry from the bottom and work your way up. Section hair and work with each section, the smaller the section the quicker it will dry and the more volume you will have. I know this sounds like a lot, but really its not. Once you get the hang of it, even with long hair, this should take about 15 minutes , TOPS!

Remember to achieve more volume hold your section up, away from how it is growing.. and try to keep your sections clean and smooth.Try to pay attention to the angle of your brush, it should be horizontal.

Make sure the air of the blower is blowing in the direction that you are rolling. If you go against that you will have some ruffled feathers (frizz). The only time this is beneficial is drying at the root to build in volume.

Try not to blow what you have already dried, the heat will relax any curl that you have put in.

To achieve the most volume on top and in your crown, from the temple area and up, over extend (hold the brush high above the parted section)  and dry this way.

Let your products help you, many of our products are multi functional so you shouldn't need 50 products to get a great finish! We hope this helped you to look your fabulous  best!

Pegi Bonner


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