Where to start?

Posted by Pegi Bonner on

With so many choices at Janie 13 Hair Products, I realized that it may be difficult when trying to decide what products could best benefit "YOUR" hair. Sooo..over the next few weeks I will try to give you a better understanding of each of our products and how they work.

I'm always available to help with your concerns or issues, so please reach out to me if I can help you decide what's best for YOU. We want you to be as thrilled as we are with our products!

First on my list is Marula Oil Luxury Gel, what a product! This is the first styling gel in my 30 year career as a hairdresser that didn't dry my bleached hair out. The Idea that a gel could actually benefit my hair was foreign until Marula Oil Gel was made.

Marula oil hydrates your hair but without weight. The added botanical's, lemon grass, sage, aloe and witch hazel soothe your hair.

This wonderful gel can be used to blow dry or air dry. For someone with natural curl that requires frizz control, use a little extra and comb through to distribute. For added volume, apply a small amount to the roots and blow dry for soft touchable volume and extra lift.

When I'm in the mood to let my bleached hair dry naturally, i can add a dime size amount root to ends and I get a no frizz finish.

Try this gel on your guy too, it will give him control and sheen without the stiffness.

I sure hopes this helps you.

Have a great hair day !!



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