I surely hope you guy's are finding these post's helpful in your  deciding on what products could be beneficial to you! Today let's talk about Smooth-E what a multi-functional product!

In all my years of doing hair I have found this baby to be incredibly functional. Use it alone to add softness and smoothness. You can use Smooth-E with the French Argan Oil together to make Janie 13's signature cocktail, it add's strength and incredible shine. Smooth -E can also be used as a balm to help straighten your hair while blow drying, it works better the more you use it...go figure!! In the salon, I have added some to my water bottle to fight tangles for kids that don't get shampooed and Mom always want's a bottle to speed up the morning routine.

I recently went to the Keys on vacation and all the added botanicals really worked to keep my hair soft after the salt and chlorine .

Happy Hair Day's


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